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Every day I open my eyes, in the dark
Often I wake up before, in my dreams
Often somewhere else
The air I breath is different
The heat feels cold
I feel but I am not myself
Maybe because I am somewhere else
I turn my head
It’s daylight
A cold blazing daylight
Blurring my vision
Everything is as vague as where I am not
I can hear from there dawn barking
Ceasing moon shades crowing from all ends of the village
And I wake up
Of course I do
Not why

The sky is blue again
A yellow hole stares at me
Opaque smoke rendering flames
The substance is underneath
They say
the substance bolts once I peel off
substance by substance
Dance of smoldering flakes
until I forgot I felt like falling
upwards like a comet into blackness
and why I laid down on white

Who am I to you
If not my prey