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directed by: Florian Gleich
produced by: Florian Gleich, Phat Ratha
edited by: Florian Gleich
sound design: Damani Kelly

Acceptance and integration of our own unwanted emotional body opens up the possibility not to project and pass on our malady to others. Art is an expression of the imperative, containing and protecting the hope to heal. The body of art is indispensably pervaded by the same malady, and mystification (alienation) of life itself. Art makes the invisible visible, and therefore the visible invisible. Art is untouchable. Art is freedom. Art is the narrator, but not the narrative. Art is above all. Yet culture, the repository of its memory, bows by all means to the invasion of the traumatised child inside the artist – and the arts itself, he urges to heal. Culminating in the domestication of its mystical essence, which is mystification, and the manifestation of its aestheticisation, to exploit inevitably just as being exploited. The question is not who wants unprofitable (ugly) arts but who can afford it. Can art ever be mature, was it mature at any time. How ill does an artist has to be to be an artist. Is that the vital crisis of art? Is art a vital crisis? Is art not superior and in permanent crisis as well as the world and in particular the economy. Is art only a product and its narrators oppressors, invaders. What happens if artist are artist at all costs. Some call it frenetically passionate which makes the artist an artist, or the banker a banker. Others subtitle it with passionately frenetic. The Director and The Producer once more explore the outlines.

Thanks to 60 Road Studios, Hoeurn Vanntin, Port Kandal, Hang Sakada, Yen Layhourn