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Truth is a rather crude character. A bully so to speak. And in the tradition of tyranny he needs his comrades, defenders of the truth, to create, establish and justify his existence. Or he is rather a malicious damage.
Without tyranny there is no truth. Or without the call for truth there must not be tyranny. To lay claim to be the truth requires the will to evil and can only act against a possible truth which is nonexistent rather than natural.
Truth is an imitation, a distortion of what is not, by force, in the name of power. In truth lies untruth, and the destruction of both.
How can truth be absolute. How can power be absolute if the powerful truth or true power feeds itself from the authority and the constant strife within.
Truth weaves, designs, engineers and permanently improves the apparatus of unmitigated destruction, total obliteration, as truth becomes dead true if it is the only thing there is, the seed of all what will come.