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The event planning began at around the same time the death register trumped the one million mark. The idea for the event some say was a result of a think tank, which have been installed on a voluntary bases, an initiative of various governments in the presence of the enemy. “We need you! We need now solutions irrespective of economy or politics. We need the creatives, the smart minds.” They also said something about boxes, but I stopped listening once they asked for smart minds. Not that I wanted to be a hero, who doesn’t, but I considered this not as a smart motivation. I also don’t trust boxes. There is always a bigger one, it’s like with Matryoshka dolls, just the other way around, and after boxes inside out of boxes when you can barely see the very first box, the urbox, you have started with anymore as it is has grown so little, you realise you are still inside the urbox. Maybe. – Regardless they said that against the pandemic and to win this war we need to stand together, obviously in a metaphorical sense, but connected. Like they said before the pandemic we need to fight, not necessarily only figuratively, and each other, and even it doesn’t make sense, starting at your workplace and absolutely without any limit of sacrifice for especially your country. So I couldn’t imagine who these smart people are, finding a solution to their own problems. Worlds of worlds floating in the vast of a pathologic universe, disconnected, devoid of relationships. It sounded to me like a virtual therapy session, like a multinational matchmaking stage show. Or like one of the global meditation sessions I received an invitation for, with a statement of proof that sessions alike had historical impacts, changed the course of events in the past. The statement had no further reference.
The date for the event was announced two days after they found a vaccine. “We have won the race against time! Now we will win the war! We! Have! A vaccine!” Who is we? Pictures of people celebrating, signing, yelling, waving flags outside of their windows, dancing on balconies, rooftops, cars, opening their last bottle of wine, their last can of food, nurses dead on their knees, doctors with faces buried in their hands surrounded by sickbeds, sea of tears, waves of a nameless relief touring around the world.
After the declaration of liberation the question started to spread when we will now receive the shot. Who will be first and why. Will they, with their names on the patent, with their thumbs on the trigger of the syringe, start with the ones they decided to abandon to their fate prior, the ones they have promised to return to once there is a cure, the ones who have been told they will be not forgotten, ordering their lacerated hands of thraldom to give comfort to the sick and sentenced in the name of the survival of the almighty and almighties; for the sake of what is necessary to return to how it was before, having made some adjustments along the way, nurturing the rush of numbers, not the dead dry open mouths. It is simple maths. And a matter of boxes.
It’s not as easy some said. “The coronavirus destroys jobs allover the world.” they said. Many got through this crisis surrendering their anxiety in belief things will change after. Things have been proven to be alterable, also for the general welfare or more likely not only for the benefit of General Welfare; changes which had been claimed before to be impossible by politics, the wolf in a shepherds clothing, were enacted like it was a click away, a click to secure a resilient general condition to protect the interests of the economy and the money can funnel further upwards – and like never before. It is easy. And it injects neither doubt nor wrath but hope and trust in the veins of the society, brings the nation and its ism up to speed. We swear by the dead ones, we will change, in fear of a biblical aftershock of the catastrophe.

The event is an initiative of a group of corporations and institutions, as a mutual effort to mark, to brand this new chapter, a new world – a better world. Representatives of the low-wage labour market of all colours, but of one precarity, shoulder to shoulder with the civil service, the industry and of course politics, gathering their pride indulging smiles in a symbolic hands together; a headline parading on top of the scenery “Together we are untouchable”. From this day on there are no more casualties but only heroes. TV spots, banners, multi-media walls around the globe are promoting the new beginning, the victory of solidarity. The marketing agency announced they have been working free of charge. Beverage makers jumped on the wagon providing tons of gratis booze and merchandise. “Fight together! Cheer together!” I remember one print on a t-shirt. The new us! TV station and online channels are in full preparation to cover this event of a century, of modern age! Abandoned refugee camps, abandoned from the living, have been reset to adventurous apocalyptic luxury tent camps. Lazarets transformed into party rooms, with leftovers of stock, body suits, masks, gloves a splendid department of props. The local entertainment and food service industry have been called upon to be a recipe, to use this opportunity but not only that but do what they do best, connect and bring joy to the masses. And not only the service industry, this was an opportunity for everyone to resurrect, to be part of this historic moment, and use all creativity and inventive spirit to push open the better tomorrow. Every single one of us will have to keep doing better than before and we will reach not only the sky but beyond!

The party was televised and peaked in numbers nobody has expected, surpassed the mortality rate by far. These images are the digital footprint of a new era. A huge party, at least for less than a tenth of the world population. The rest is still in pain, suffering, disconnected. Sick. Broke. Starving. Left to die. Because it has been like this already for ages. There was a speech to the party, a speech of many speeches, many representatives, in suits, in glamorous dresses and crazily fashionable outfits. They declared party law, the new age of a global community, love and a future of prosperity, the mastery of nature, and how we will force climate change down to its knees. And before they fired the starting pistol they asked to hold on for a moment of silence, to commemorate the dead, and the ones who suffered, have been abused for months trapped with the perpetrator, the loving husband; it was a cruel period of time for all of us. And the doctors and nurses who risked and killed in duty. Politics and science who saved us all. The global community who has proven that we can if necessary put everything aside to preserve the legacy of humankind. “Let this celebration today be also an inspiration to the ones who are still on the frontline of this war. We stand right behind you!”

We are all just traumatised children, raised by traumatised children.