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Grave: new short column with new tone, with this excellent film classified as horror genre released in 2017.Because it has been a long time since I started getting excited about this type of film. Synopsis (In Justine’s family everyone is a veterinarian and vegetarian. At 16, she is a gifted teenager on the verge of entering vet school where her older sister is also a pupil. But, barely installed, hazing begins for the first years. We force Justine to eat raw meat. It’s the first time in her life. The consequences are quick to come. Justine discovers her true nature.) all the codes of the genre are present (from wink to David Lynch …) j ‘ve had to see it again 5-6 times so much this first film by Julia Ducournau is so successful, with the hope that there will soon be a sequel, reference to gore cinema, offbeat humor, cult scene for those who appreciate this age film defect? maybe too perfect! I do not see and will certainly have a great time, with a lot of originality and humor, with blood !Grave a film to remember and see.