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Imagine there would be a stranger, you have seen him around before, making some jokes, but mostly pretending he is someone else, which makes him sort of funny, because hey who can tell these who is who. So that clown is knocking at your door and starts right away to inform you dead serious about a topic, for example, let’s say, a virus! Because he read an article in some newspaper you wouldn’t even heard of, so you ask, but he forgot the resource as well, though he adds some of his own valuable findings.
He is not one of these bible this is the end apocalyptic bigots, you invite for a cake for the exercise and after 5 min you regret desperately realising you can’t just punch them in the face.
So you want to get his feed out of your door and comment politely first, then you shout at him, figuratively, with nice little stickers you stick to his chest, not to offend him, telling him to fuck off, that you are not his friend assuming he needs some social appreciation. And he answers, you can nearly feel his scientific disappointment, he is doing this as a public service, informing everyone – so why are you such a brick!
Imagine this happens right now.
Wouldn’t you freak the hell out?