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punk rock or Street punk in Myanmar? firstly the title of the film first intrigued me. Second, what is the relationship between Buddha and punk? and why my buddha is punk … So I immediately downloaded the documentary (available on Vimeo) to find out a little more! and deepen my knowledge and I was not disappointed, the plot of the story is this. We follow Kyaw Kyaw the leader of the punk rock band called the rebel riot who lives  in Rangoon in the capital of the country Everything goes well for the band of punks friends musicians, the camera follows them everywhere in rehearsal, in their small community , at markets where they sell their own homemade clothes (DIY) and accessories, in Buddhist temples also etc. etc. It was really nice to watch as a spectator and when where you see them making / tinkering / assembling the very first punk fanzines you feel even more admiring. Kyaw Kyaw confides a lot in the video camera maybe is it? the black point for its detractors and objectively the least interesting part for a multitude of reason, but not for us.I would say. because too difficult to hear and digested. Not that he is responsible for it far from, but we quickly understand that this country has suffered a lot in the past, the Aung San suu Kyi, until the recent reopening to the world are in the global economy. Here is the documentary is quite rich as much visually as musical besides  the Rebel riot band always existed and make a lot of concert in their country and even outside borders (United Kingdom, Germany.) And it is thus carried out and produced (2018) by Andreas Hartmann a German whom I didn’t know. for essential punk lovers! Independent art ! go.