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gimme danger (2016) documentary directed by a very great director Jim Jarmush being himself a big fan of rock n ‘roll, and having rubbed in his youth this environment in the 80s particulary in New York (CBGB).It was therefore legitimate and natural,that it produces such a film retracing a whole history,and quite dense: the history of a certain America from below is deep in the working class, marginal and popular.This social class from which the stooges are come, and which will be the germ of punk and its ideal a few years later. The film is interspersed and contains archive footage, vintage concert videos,as well as rare photos,scrolls on the screen with Iggy Pop at home in front of the camera. Ex-members of stooges and relatives, amily friends testify in detail of their memory with its countless problems during tours in American cities,crazy plans and other incessant change of line up with its lot of violence and shady affairs.We re-live this film through this documentary with a lot of nostalgia and tenderness, towards these endearing musicians, and even without being a hardcore fan we will be seduced by his anecdotes.The content is really cool, but the only flaw can be? the film is a bit short (1h 48) and it goes too fast, therefore to recommend to all those who love stooges and their rock garage,and even to others. tripping and rock n ‘roll.