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Leto is a Russian film directed by Kirill Serebrennikov is based on a true story that of Viktor Tsoi (1962-1990) who lived in Leningrad become St petersbourg. He was a kind of rock star at the beginning of the Eighties, with his group of rock underground Kino before the fall of the USSR regime in 1991. the film is in those years when the local scene had eyes and heart turned to the west including England and the US (Lou Reed) whose new nascent wave (Joy division, the cure and among others) was successful with this rebellious Russian youth in search of change; renewal of openness and of course freedom.This excellent visually beautiful film will unveil this story without filter as the dissemination of contraband vinyl records, censorship, reports especially lovers of these 3 main protagonists. With a lot of poetry, interspersed humor and envy. The camera shots are beautiful (black and white) with actors who accurately embody these endearing characters deep and subtle. On the other hand I find it a pity that there are no more female musical characters in this very masculine environment because it is a bit lacking for my taste. In the end very beautiful film and big surprise and discovered.