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The gods are dead!
Once we suppressed
And advanced closer to freedom
we will have ever been
we executed life
We decapitated
ripped its heart out
we disemboweled
and sold it by the piece to evolution
Life was dead!
We hailed our machines
We manufactured our last choice
Freedom maunders since
and we shall have been managed
Maintained like the cog of a gear
Some decades we evolved
We expelled freedom inward
We dreamed in delusion
the greatest mastery of machines
We celebrated achievements
of domestication and dehumanisation
over and over
With such wild consistency
until all what never should have been was normalised
Standardised and regulated
simply everything
We seized
We segregated
We possessed to dispossess
undermined and raised
We distorted, burnt, boiled, tortured
to reveal a confession
We could not overcome ourselves
only besiege
Until the plastic burnt
And next the palaces
Then there was silence
A sizzling silence
Some charred bodies
their arms still praising in despair
And it all faded
blown away
Flakes of ashes