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Metal Your Day goes MYD

And MYD is turning – actually back to its roots, but two steps forward – into a zine now, rather than a fashion label, what it never was but mainly perceived as. Questions?

What about t-shirts?
We will do here and then some clothing too, but this only happens on second hand fabric. – You gotta be dogmatic today when it comes to certain topics even this means being less of a hypocritical producer slash capitalist slash sheep.

What about the rest?
MYD will still continue supporting the alternative music scene in Cambodia with offering their marketing and design skills, producing videos, organising shows and events. MYD hopes to gather some cool people, so I personally hope we can do more in the future as a collective of creators.

Can you join the zine and become a MYD editor?
Of course you can! You always have been invited to, you just never asked. Every artist, writer or whiner is welcome. Of course we need to agree on some certain terms regarding phobias and morals but if you heard about us we probably are on a good way. Write us on

Will there be a printed version?
Let’s see 🙂

We thank you for the support so far. We feel like it has just begun, so keep following us, with your brain and likes.

MYD zine