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Who am I
Am I me or you
Am I you because of me
Am I me because of you
How much am I you
How less are you me

Why are you not me!

Lorn in my rigorous stare
Stop staring!
I beg for mercy, stop being me
I need to be alone
Absorb, eternal void
Leave me to rest
I need rest
I demand to be released!
You are not worth dying for!

Why are you not me

Shoulder your arms!
Set forth!
I am not worth dying for
I can not breath
Spare your flummeries
Your trappings of complacency
You rest like an grave anvil on my chest
And your uproar of righteousness
And hammering
And hammering
Like an ubiquitous cognisance

Why are you not me!!!

Where do I end
My empire
My army
The wrong self and its torturer
The ill of me
The predator inside of you
The alleged good
The cannibal of my own flesh
Who shall I be
I am gone

Set forth!

Marching in violent temper
A driven self-constituted castoff
In the alluring glance of a raving scapegoat
Captured in a forest of mirroring neurons
The reflecting light spearing fragments of glass
Meandering in amorphous errantry

Why are you not worth being me!