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Art today may, more than ever now that design is not only corrupting the resource of beauty and along the concept of aesthetic but also alienating us from and making the viewer and the artist a victim, be medium only for self-regeneration, the preliminary stage to self-healing, because self-regeneration is implicit in the realisation of the wrong self, the social malady and its abject misery, thereby the art answers its purpose, to serve social being and not extorting more sacrifices of. And to allege as a response that the artist also has to earn a living, I ask what sort of employment artist is. The artist who talks about freedom and sells the pathologic consequences of his and everyone’s illness for a bit of bread or a bowl of rice and to sustain the roof over his head and work, and hence not only becomes estranged from its narcissistic proclivity and takes it to its full glory, but denies any healing, for him and his fellowship. Rather be dying than be dead. More unfree you may not depart life.