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In the alien there is only alienation. – Truly the mere tragic of the misery that is! We are simply not able to imagine, probably a pathologic safeguard to prevent self-destruction or just ego-libido, that we someday wonʼt exist anymore, as a whole. We have alienated us in such a way from the planet, the womb of our existence, on which we created worlds and serenities, that in the presence of extinction and extinction itself emerges like a departure, nearly an opportunity, an adventure into new extrinsic galaxies. We escape further and deeper into the gorge of alienation rather than pause, to withdraw, which seems at this point a more delusional romance with revolution than the adventure extinction. And without any doubt the capital is, as the natural enemy of the idea of a fair and caring society, the villainous sidekick of nationalism and its derivative total fascism, until it will also have subdued its restraints. Therefore to call on the neoliberal market and its players to acknowledge the human made disaster climate change is not only naiv but nearly belittles the actual menace, which has been there since the primary revolt broke out, more than one generation ago.