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Yesterday, on the 4th of October a lovely bunch of people gathered to celebrate the opening of the Yab Moung Record Store & Community space in Phnom Penh.
Right on time we finished the renovation – BIG BIG thanks to the Loran Outan for his kind donation, without the place would look a lot more crap, now it looks punk at least haha.
Talking about donations, a big thank you to all our Patreons as well, and the biggest at this point is due to Mr Tobias Enkel, without his greatness we would not even be able to cover the rent.

Amongst the visitors also the wonderful members of Nekroma, on tour in Cambodia, just arrived from their gig in Siem Reap with Doch Chkae, and honouring us with their presence. Sui and Dann, who are running also the very cool multiproduction label Daftpop in China – collaborator of local label and supporter Metal Your Day, shared also as part of the opening programme in a small workshop their magic, why they do what they do and how they produce their stunning visuals on stage.
We had also had a screening of the newest Doch Chkae documentary and a small QA round.
There was lots of laughter, good talk, crazy talk, maniac faces and love. The rest is already history. – Thank you everyone for coming and supporting the alternative music and arts in Cambodia!

This is just the beginning. On tuesday we will open the gates. New Shirts are in production. We talk already collaborations with local artists. Workshops are planned. Lot of work to do and nothing would be what it is without the permanent support of Moms Against Poverty and of course… YOU!

Artist, come by and paint our walls!
Labels, send us your records!
Bands, give us your merch!
People, share & support the good stuff
… because what goes around… exactly!

Images by Nara (Reign In Slumber)