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Food production is not exclusive to a system of surreal (capitalist) production values… but we are still hiding behind our so painfully earned hypocrisy; “Yeah let’s not change it all, I mean there is no need right, otherwise it’s gonna be a real turn around, a huge mess and I’d like to enjoy the rest of my life a bit, even it’s gonna be more and more fucked up, but as long… I keep my phone sure! And I surely keep working as a brick because I am good at and I worked hard for this career… I really also need holidays, see the world, cultures, wow our world is so diverse… and my avocado, I mean it’s super healthy right, and healthy life is important to me, should be to everyone especially as parents. I don’t want to change, I mean I like myself, and being yourself is good, oh how I love being myself, feels so good, and happy, I need to be happy, and I mean that’s sort of rebellious too right… a happy person is also more efficient to society… so let’s change that, but not that, because I really need that, beside that I also really do deserve it… this is ok, well let’s keep that, didn’t harm me so far.” Moo!