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DOCH CHKAE is a death metal band founded in (year) with the help of Swiss social worker, Timon Seibel. Before Doch Chkae’s birth, the teens were students at Timon’s NGO – Moms Against Poverty Cambodia. Theara Ouch, Vichey Sok, Hing Ouch, and Pich Freedom were battling stress, angst, and poverty. At the same time, Timon, as one of their teachers, was also struggling to point the “troublemakers” in the right direction and giving them a purpose / focus in life.

Vocals: Ouch Theara
Guitar: Sok Vichey
Drums: Ouch Hing
Bass: Sochetra Pic

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Recorded at 60 Road Studios in Siem Reap:

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Video & Cut: Metal Your Day (CC)

Special thanks to Moms Against Poverty, 60 Road Studios, PGDrumco Cambodia and Metal Your Day