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Dear fancy modernish (hipster) selfie puking new old I don’t care coffee shops, stop using and promoting the usage of plastic cups for your especially nonspecial coffee smoothie nightmares! Does everyone has to suck these days on a silly straw – probably to hush yourself, sucking and biting the soother, because the world is turning to an extraordinary disaster of reality shit show.
Don’t bother, there is no good excuse, except you just don’t give a damn thing – but for the money, yes money burn it to enlighten the ruins around you once it’s pitch black! If you build your business on the non-sustainable resource nature, what sort of genius business man makes this of you? Boring. Not cool, not cool at all whatever you think brands, corporations and their recklessness make you feel and look better. Better keep complaining about the hypocrisy and failure of politics – your immaturity.
Rebels are smarter!