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“Yes but not all men. – It is what it is.”
said the German man on the plane, sitting in front of me once we touched ground in Munich.
It is what it is.
So we all can just lean back and let happen what is happening, and don’t challenge what has happened.
To his excuse, his dialect sounded pretty much countryside.
Education is not only a problem in the precarious countries, but a problem of quality.
I come from a town where the average person would agree on the same mantra.
Makes things very easy. It’s basically a non opinion but following the opinion of the masses, the popular opinions, and at the same time it makes you even feel normal, normal to think not, normal to accept the concept of a mutual fate, solidarize with common good, even though its wrong. And there is a lot of wrongness in it, the expression of failure and its acceptance. What can you do anyway, yes. It is what it is, because it is given; by the unforgiven – Hubschrauber (insider).