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“(…) We have Houses of Prayers. We have prints, scrolls, dusty scripts, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, sacrificial altars, rituals, ceremonies, blood and sex!

We have subcultures, dissolved in micro pop worlds, sticking together side by side, inside and outside, lusting for more fame bigger spotlights higher heavens of art.

We had art. But that’s stone-dead.

We have us.
We have democracy. We elect people we don’t know ,to tell us what we have to know, who we are, and what US means. We follow people who praised us to murder and conquer in our name, in the name of our nation, to protect our borders, from anyone who wants a piece of US.

We produce technology we use for 18 months, then it will die, and never rot.

The world is institutionalised. And institutions incorporated that we can’t even say out the word freedom out loud anymore without adding a LOL.

We are using the concepts sister and brother to bond with people, not enough to be human.

We know we will be never propitiated, with the impossible human, with others… and we don’t really have regrets about it, otherwise US would be based on reconcile and not ego. (…)”