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Last weekend the core team of COMMIT CREATION, Kayo and Florian, and therefore also of METAL YOUR DAY has moved to Phnom Penh, closer to the metal bands we support, the metal label we collaborate with and other galleries and artists we will grow with.
We left behind HIDDEN HOUSE, a freshly founded space for arts / artist residency / performance venue, in partnership with Tedd Nash Pomaski, who will show you his brushes and curative strokes soon.
What is all this suddenly?!!!
We will bring more light to our activities as soon we have settled.
Thank you so far to all supporters and new supporters, without you we could maybe have still done it, as we need more to sustain on you, but we might have given up already, thank you for your engaging and passionate participation.
More coming soon, wait for it, it’s worth the waste \m/

Metal Your Day!