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Humans are actually supposed to do and be exactly as they are and produce. This is our nature humans! We need to agree on this. We need this as an alibi. Imagine, dead fellow humans, we would not receive this as our own, we would reject this gift, how stupid does that make us look like! All the love and it’s destruction, all the pigs and blood we have made our hearts drunken with. For nothing. Let’s not present us more stupid than we are. Let’s not pretend we are the perfection of nature. And let’s do not resist our fate, shaped with every breath we take. Inhale exhale, implosion explosion. We are from this earth. We can not escape the hardship of survival only because we have established a normative nature and therefore already having executed future sensations. We will not survive and we do not survive because of the surrender to the incorporation of your self, we can crush only if we accept our failure. We fail to survive. We destroy to destroy more. We have accepted and we obey our own kind. We follow our own kind. We do believe to know and share belief to unite the unknown, we adjust but to feel special between standards, to be normally special but never specially normal. Unceasingly we adjust until we have lost contact, and we drive on the mellow surface of hypocrisy, when we have lost what we call consciousness, which shall have unified human kind but we turned it against us. Can you believe that! Instead of developing the volume of our capacity, we have build a monster in which bowels we shit fuck and are reborn, to sacrifice and worship us. How sick. We have installed a questionable system which is not questioned as the answers are already given. We have branded a common sense. We follow. And we do not deserve more than what is. The rich doesn’t deserve less power, the poor not more food. The poor doesn’t deserve the rich and the rich does not deserve the poor. We do not deserve each other. We only deserve our self. And we serve to deserve more than we deserve. It is always more what we need. To be normal in a special way. Be the one, save now your promotion, receive your personal upgrade, take the next level, you deserve it, worked hard for, immolated your sanity, your maturity and the delusion of freedom. You will be someone someday if you keep up that speed of disaffection. And what will been left is nothingness. The nothing you felt when you died, that you did nothing to prevent yourself from becoming a slave of your own choices. Choices shall not been made based on your own personal interests but on the empirical needs to overcome the status quo, to demolish our corporations. We have the right to, we built it, stone by stone, whiplash by whiplash, dead body after dead body. We have the right to do anything it needs to correct the virtuous righteousness of our failure. There can be nothing worse than what is. There will be nothing worse than what it will become if we don’t stop it, if we don’t stop us. And this is not an easy murderer to plan and get away with. Why we need to check our alibis. The only crime we shall have committed to is the our nature, to reign and fall. Now we fall. Time has come. This is our cure! Destruction of what is ours. But let’s not look like idiots doing it. Let’s execute as it would mean the world to us. And not only to humans. Let the priests empty their last chalice, let commanders fear their last command, let the colonies offer their last prayers and let them slaughter their unborn. Let them feel what they haven’t felt. What they didn’t want to feel, for the comfort of conciliation. Or how else you think we can change? How can we change without changing the change by motivation of change. How can we exaggerate what does not exist in us anymore. Impassioned pleas are written in historical chapters. The guilt of power has prospered deeper than a rotten fruit can grow. But, dear human fellows, let’s not forget why we are here today, because we don’t want to look stupid, facing what we call stars, and disperse in our masterpiece, the infinity of the universe. We are doing nothing wrong! We fail. We follow only our own, we kill em all and others. We tried to correct but it only made things worse. We invented divine non exclusive communities, across all colonies, who would tell us how to be a perfectly normal human and how special we can feel about this, individually. It created only more stupidity. Especially because we used it still even we knew our brains will evolve to a pad of fat just to make it easier to bend over, keep heads down when we get fucked. Humans! Let’s not loose our fat! I mean head!