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We don´t know you.
But we see your smile.
We might not see you again,
but we will never forget your gratitude.

This is how we clear our stock… 50+ MYD shirts found some new happy owners. – “I rather give away for free than sell it to people who just buy it because it’s cheap now”

Thank you for everyone who did not support us the last months, you made this giving-tour happen.

A big thank you to the ones who supported us, you keep us going, MYD loves you.
Special thanks to our great crew Vannak, Long (Tuk Tuk Brothers), Maki, Samdy, Seavyi, Timon, Tin, Jesus and all others, artists and bands and consumers and lovers, who backed us when we needed to fall and who were always there with their hearts and passion, without you we wouldn’t do today what we do.