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I never can be the man who I am, I will always be the madness you taught me.
First I was hungry.
Then I was thirsty.
Then I realized the difference.
After I wanted it all.
But you gave me your limitations.
And it was silent for a while.
Silence which enfolded a new world to me.
Falling deeper.
And you pulled me out again.
To balance your limitations.
You made me talk.
And scream in my pillow.
You took yourself and stuffed me with your unleashed ignorance for life.
And today I can not hear the silence anymore.
You did anything to not let me be.
An artist.
A musician.
A poet.
A dreamer.
Now your dreams are old and mine are dead.
We are only a family.
And we live in different worlds.
You made me hate yours for not accepting mine.
But I forgive you.
Because I forgive myself for not being stronger than you.