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It’s correct, we life a wrong life.
The causal effects emerge in more and more stronger outlines.
It’s true we are the only one – as a species – which can be made responsible for.
It’s true we only revolt in symptoms, to cure our narcissistic self.
We suffer from a long grown sick self, foddering a sickening ego.
We are a pack of sanguinary normopaths.
We are all fugitives of undiagnosed sanity.
We kill to shift.
We shift to kill.
We are like a drop of water anxious to drown in the sea.
In the vast of an universe we defined to be part of us.
A universe which only exist in each of us.
We alienated ourselves, the idea of us evolved to our extinction.
We promote our downfall by denying the hypocrisy, the cover up of our wrong life.
The cover up which wears many masks, headlined with various isms and isms which still will need to be found.
We serve a collection of simplified, of stripped-down-to-negligibleness categories, codes, patterns, ideologies.
Borders. Limits. Prejudices. We re-promote by birth. By being white. Black. Born on the other side or fallen into a pot of gold.
We don’t urge for treatment.
Our cure is silence, and silentness.
Our cure is happiness.
Our cure is the idea of a-better-world-is-possible, as long my life quality is not affected.
Our cure is to accept, to be broken, to surrender and serve, maybe there is heaven.
The idea heals the injustice we feel deep inside of us.
Dries the tears which has never been shed.
The idea makes us likeable.
Makes us good, and better than we thought we are.
We deserve to have a life.
To have a happy life.
Even we believe we know this might be it, so I want to at least enjoy it.
At least, if we humans really are that weak, unsocial.
We accept we don’t know everything.
We don’t want to. Knowing might just be upsetting.
Knowing and implementing that knowledge causally can only lead to suffocation.
That’s what they told us.
Who is they.
Well the ones who hold everything in their hands, the ones in power.
No I have no power.
You mean you don’t want to have power.
You rather accept a wrong life, a life of in oblivion, a life against your self but your ego is looking quite nice today.
Thank you!
You feel better.
Yes a little.
You need a hug?
Yes that might help.
You can be whoever you want. You deserve it, you are such a nice person.
Thank you, you are a sweetheart.
Thank you.
I feel better now.
Me too.
Ok so let’s do something fun. The world is hard enough.