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What about humans. How are we supposed to be. Nice to each other. Caring. Sharing. Bearing others burdens without interest. Be welcoming. Feel welcome. Friendly. Helping. Supporting. Empowering unconditionally. Respecting. Living peacefully together. And I don’t even need to use the word love.

But seems like it’s time for a big change in human history again. A history against humans. A change of a magnitude that it will throw over all what is and leaves all what wants to be only. War. A big clean up. To erase the concept of liberation and the deliberation of an idea of freedom. To establish dictatorship as the only succeeding system, erase the romance of idealistic Don Quichottes’ who manufacture too much wind.
A new era to establish justice reborn in fear, unleashed in a radical superiority of surveillance and governance for the general welfare and in particular for the well-being of the generals. Any menace is human made. And the atrocious menace is the monster self-fiction. The system is on fire at all ends and revolution of the masses is slowly again possible – not an opportunity it never was, standing with hearts to the wall with faces beaten against. Fight fire with Fire. War is already, global, in some parts we jsut have the luxury to take a break, but it will return, the cruelty of mankind, in all its rage and blood thirst for revenge.
And there is no resistance. The bigger picture narrowed down to a Like thumb. Solidarity a post share and empathy expressed in viral profit. Maybe the next generations will return to communicate. We should only communicate about this and nothing else, because there should be only concerns and no demands, only excessive efforts towards war than retreat into retreats we have not deserved, we who stand on the sidelines and watch us die in battle empty handed praying and begging for help, but we keep posting and licking our ice cream, doing yoga poses and hoping that meaning no harm will at least do no harm. It fulfills me with disgust and despair and anger more than anything.