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There are 7 billion worlds in this world. 7 billion human worlds. 7 billion different ideas of who you are. Myriads of concepts of worlds and the world. To unify seems and probably is out of question, seems unearthly, surely extrahuman. Our entitle especially contemporary civilisation is not build on the concept of one. It is build on the concept of many. On a hunt you try to undermine the pack by seperation, pick up those who remain behind – survival strategy and its weaknesses, simple and the old fashion way, still works.

We can connect if we overcome the boldest border, our self. The acknowledgement in analysis and diagnosis (medical outcome) of the wrong self, the genesis of so many diseases causing heavy impacts on its self and surroundings, and its inflictive character is a conditionally essential of the first step towards a healing process. The seemingly insuperable deduction, for generations, of a panicked ego, with the world and its right to bohemianize in happiness, to impose its patronizing belief in a system of good and bad, the palaces and sheds of right and wrong.
Our world ruled and lead by narcism, bigots and its by-product of a capitalism of welfare, of today a generation of “I want to be who I am – You can!”.
I question the threat of capitalism. As long there are narcissist, surely mutually intelligible – god is a narcissist and created a world of its idol, there will be exploitation, emotionally, and inequality, brutally, just because there can be only one throne, and one queen or king to be defended, to protect against, for the illusion of stability, a potential self-unfolding, and certainty of not being alone, therefore wrong.
Any ism is a threat for our child inside of us, why any idea will nearly naturally manufacture an ism, to weaken the capacity of, to make it vulnerable, exposed to the evaluation of right and wrong. To divide the potential in camps and limit before it starts to unfold – cutting the root and found in plastic to adore the beauty of a bloom.
So how can love now change this? Love the overall recipe for everything. It can not. Lovism would be a better word for its concept. The only love which is, is the unconditional love of parents, in particular of the mothers´ love, which does not mean this can be fulfilled by a father. A parent is only a child too, a child of its own past, of a past which is now, particularly if roles are expanding – I prefer expanding not changing as we are a collection of experiences which are always now but also an interaction of us with what holds us, which is our surroundings. Unconditional love protects evolution, it´s a natural backup, in a far bigger scope than a personal heritage or making us a legend. It preserves the achievements of a generation. The reality is that our 7 billion worlds are highly competitive because of the surroundings which not only also limits us, defines an us but also dictates us. Grown up in a world of bad and good there is not much left, but the idea of preparing the child for the world, with mental and physical abuse of the self. The seperation in good and bad is already the first highly abusive intervention. Education rather than relation. There is not much cognition left for the importance of empathy, which is substantial for development of an healthy relation later of all varieties – and not to be confused with love, and understanding, which origins roots in explaining and empathy again. These wounds and later scars all of us carry along for the rest of our lives and on which we build our world on, are so deeply imprinted, marking our ego structural, and therefore nearly hostile to our self. Not having experienced unconditional love but restriction of our self, keeps us trapped with the desire to be welcome, to be of value as who we are, as the child we are, uncondtional. And refuses us for grow into a mature adult. Or what others would call an aware, responsible, at rest in itself. I prefer mature as the other concepts to me are to strongly connected with products like self-discovery, which are to me only a hypocritical moment of enlightenment or in the end spiritual.
We expect from love relationships, partners, friends, even from our business partners to be compensated and feel deeply hurt, scratching open our trauma again, if we are not, if the opponent does not fulfill the unfulfilled, the structural void, if they don´t give the strange child inside of us a face, at least an outline of a smile, charge the hostile emptiness, what we try to explore and balance with life coaching techniques, yoga, spirituality, the cconcept of releasing the subconsciousness, medical treatments or drugs, prostitution or prostitutes or simply self-mutiliation. But nobody in our adult life can bring back, replace and surely not the hypocrisy of an whole industry, not our relations and also not our own children, what we have not experienced throughtout our grown up. It actually only sucks us deeper. We end up blaming the surrounding, to be wrong, because we feel not understood, we feel displaced, we feel our child is being pushed further afar from what it has never experienced by not being welcomed. Home. So we establish our own understanding of home, based on our concepts of right and wrong, we draw our borders, build our walls and tell people to fuck off or invite them to play on our rules. Behind of this a child, alone in the dark. Some have to build higher walls to feel safer, others have to set up a stronger army. Some are aware of their imbalance and suffer silently under the doom of their ego, some express their self through their ego. Capitalism, communism, socialism, spiritualism, antagonism, barbarism or any ism is not the threat to the world, but the 7 billion worlds are, because most of them are directed by suffering children, wrong selves taught by a another wrong world. As long we don´t understand and change the concept of analysis and diagnosis there will be always oligarchs and slaves, there will be always good and bad.