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– In Thought with Alisa Yamasaki –

The brutal consequences of a narcissist – who would never have become that famous without as it is immanent to the system – and a strong and brave victims voice – thank you – which will not last standing in the end against art history, except we blow it up. Because it is art. It’s all art. Wine and intellect and empathy to dissect social movements and reflect and help to understand changes by making them obvious, investigate and uncover, was maybe but for sure is since the industry art a romance. But the truth, the only creation, which is far more powerful, is the all destroying, even itself, impact. The artist is in its final state of an industrial evolution and therefore revolution against art, only a genius actor, a poor mascot, an entertainer, a dangerous joke of a not less misanthropic capitalists´world, a wrong nonreflective self, and in the end I hope ending crying in a little corner of what’s left after the flashes left the stage and some will see that the artist was nothing more than a reflexion of the talent they burnt in self absorbance. One reason why art is dead to me. And THE artist as soon taken it’s stage lost the art. My deepest respect for all the victims who stand up against, your suffering, your trauma, your tears are in a very disturbing and opposing way the truth about art, the real creation of today’s art. I only hope you find silence and get some adequate – if this is possible – “compensation”, at least that you find your inner peace, reconciliation and probably forgive your self that this happened to you – it was never your failing. I apologize.
Some people will now respond art is suffering. Yes, but narcism doesn’t suffer, it feeds itself from the suffering of others and the industry (art management, curators, gallery owners who have to be the deflecting authority – only an immature self of course) and audience (who is is not less nonperceptive because not declared institutionally wrong in its self) supports and promotes the (further) abuse and dehumanisation by worshipping blindfolded, which makes art as ugly to me like all other industries, without any buts. The only art which exists is nonhuman, but whom am I to tell, I am human. – But therefore I can also change. You changed me already.
Art is not a protection against hypocrisy actually it´s the best playground as it presents itself under the pretext of creative curiosity – equivalent to prior is the individual fulfillment, in need of permanent inspiration – which is nothing else than justifying a moral free ride – and that art has to be free, which is insane to claim in a world which is based on the concept of slavery and exploitation.