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“(…) We have to surrender now to the idea that we as a species so far completely failed. Beliefs. Religions. Nations. Unions. Partnerships. Relationships. Individualism. Only in between we can hear some insanely yelling out loud in happiness. Another illusionary vice. And we have already seen this, on canvas, in motion, read about it, black ink, data, assumptions, theories, excerpts, manifests, claiming the unknown and demanding the truth. Failed. All of it. Surrender. Let it go. We all lost. We lost us. There is nothing to win anymore. Honour and pride has rotten – Paradise Radioactive. We are only stomping our dismembered bodies harder into the mud, a human primordial soup bruising through unseeing eyes.

We hold a war inside of us. Deep below the battlefields and the worms, the tears and bloodshed, we know, that we don’t have to know. We know this is wrong. All this is wrong. But everyone of us holds a fighter inside, haunted by our ancestors resting in purgatory. One day we will cut ourselves loose, and then God help yourself!”

“Wrath of Human”, Chapter 11032018