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I don´t want easy life
I want to suffer
I want to suffer for the us
for the harm we manufacture
the killing
the blood
the unborn dying

no I don’t want to be happy
I dont want to share happiness
I dont want to reach happiness
until there is still one being
in man-made agony
for satisfaction
for greed
for power
for more

we have no right to make a claim to happiness
to escape
to paradise
we have no right to reclaim a truth
the dismembered body of men´s nature

I don´t want easy life
because we are all in charge of what is
and that makes us look like happy idiots
dancing on a planet covered in flesh and bones
skinning perpetually the eve of doomsday

every man
every child
starved to death
every hypocrite
is a disaster

every new theory of
who we are
why we are
is a catastrophe
and a beautiful fart into the vanity of existence

we don`t even know what it means
but we annhiliate
and our whole life is about annhiliation
our purity
our virginity
our capacity
our dreams
our age

and we accept the costs
turning this planet and us into a fucking freakshow
for an idea of
and that there is cure

I don’t want easy life
I want you to feel my sadness and anger
I want you to feel
your sadness
your anger
in us

I don’t want easy life for you
who rest in purgatory
we deserve to feel NOW
pure life
our life
our creation
our world
the wrath of man

purity does not rest under a stone
but it is the stone