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Do you select who you help?
Yes sure.
Because I want to make sure that my money really helps and doesn’t bring more harm.
Because I want to make sure he spends the money for what he claims he needs it for.
Because I want him to spend it as we decided.
Because i know better and I want my money growing. You spend money as an investment. I invest in people. And like a good investor I like to watch my power expanding. Dependance is power. Gratefulness is power. Money however its spend is pure power. It just changes its value, from paper to blood.
Are you an hypocrite?
I think we all are, the concept of life is hypocritical. Happiness. Tell nature about happiness, if she would insist to be happy just by existence she would have removed us of her surface already immediately, or at least give us a real hard time. But that’s where hypocrisy starts, neglecting our origin. Fighting with nature, against or for, war an peace, is us, in us, around us, us in all. Acting against is hostile to being. Science, acting against the name of god, acting in the name of ratio and logic, the holiest example of an hypocritical state of a bunch of ignorant assholes, established themselves as elite, protected their rank and wealth with logic – you can make a monkey on a bicycle look logic – and baked it was, the religion of all religions, science, which proved itself right. And here is another one. The artist. And I am not talking about that kind of artist sitting, resting in piece in the cracks, too tiny to escape but a universe if you want to see, of the asylums and prisons of this world. I am talking about the man driven by the idea of individualism, the man being wolfed down by egotism, and absorbed by the aura of singularity. Put into a relentless hilariously giggling rage of self-aggrandisement by rapturous applaud and personal gratification of lost souls shipped into the harbour of self enlightenment – Oh artist, save us from this planet!
So you select who you help?
I don’t select no, I help friends, why should I select.