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We are all the Chinese Worker. We are all side by side in production line. Serving with our lives. With our expectations of life, with all what we don´t have, what we dream about – a concept like freedom. We are all invariably an illusion of an illusion of an illusion and beyond that reality gets very heavily sticky, barely breathable, smouldering fires underneath us.
We were supplied with the magic of a straw head, self-made, a color palette and a stroke of bourgeois and avant-garde coolness and we think, no we actually feel, we are so inspirational… and important… to the world, to freedom, to individualism, to creation itself YES! We need to save what is real, I mean what is really real, where we haven´t even poked through, how it never was but always supposed to be, because we are better than who we are, we are humans! Sitting side by side and producing, from the human, who is cleaning the streets in the shadow of the apathetic morning sun, to the drunken sleep of the desperate artist, we mess and clean, we supply, we invent, we relent, we step back in line, we are all the Chinese worker, we are fake and we produce fake in a fake world to sustain the fake. – The art of power. Because art is human, art is not nature, we are not artists, we failed and a bit of color and self expression doesn´t wash a planet of blood away.