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“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” Bukowski

I can only underline, it´s a thick line. Not that I wanna claim – my perpetuating personal tragedy – that I am an intelligent person, but it´s true, even there is no truth.

Dear maddening doubt,
you are my driving force, I would have lost the sparkle of faith I still managed to preserve, for life, men, humans, existence, whatever we define to understand, and what we have become. Another quote crosses, “Art is ‘become'”, I think Ai Weiwei said that, doesn´t matter as it is becoming, endless and neglecting its concept simultaneously, like doubt. Devoured by fear. Fear indicated by self-aggrandisement. Driven by our desire not to suffer. Instrumentalised by superstition (which implicates religion) and capitalism – I tried to find another word for, but non of the concepts are that precisely on point – but signed with love. Love. Love. Love. I love. Why we believe. For what we live for. Why we accept every day the consequences of our hypocrisy. How can you love if you doubt, how can you call it a doubt beholding history of our kind, evolution, how science – another religion – dubs nature with each single discovery. How can I know if I only doubt.

{ Helping. A world which doesn’t wanna be saved. Helping a world which downfall is already history, a world which doesn’t exist anymore. Covered, lost in money and greed, in winners and losers. Helping a world I don’t want to be part of. BKK Nights and random faithquakes. }

I have faith in myself.
I have faith to create a universe.
I have no doubt there are more people who doubt.
I believe we can replace doubt with a collective positive experience of overcoming the concepts of fear and love and embrace ‘becoming’.
I have faith in us. More than ever.