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Who says anyway that it will be an evolutionary revolution if we as the human species, how we defined ourselves, have the capability to use more of our brain capacity in other words be more smart. Who says that this is of advantage? For the species how we named and categorized and separated nature, maybe we are the worse ugliest fuck ups the world, how we call the classified universe and its incredibility to understand us as a species, has ever seen. – So basically we got completely lost and that smartly lost that we even believe, which we named the process of doubting, we are able to think and make choices for the better good if we could just find the key to use more of our brain power, to understand more, everything, and be smarter because being smart is the way to enlightenment, and finally conquer and reign the world, make it our last slave. Because we are dumb as fuck now.
Who says? We say. Does nobody recognize how silly that makes us?