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What a show… a mix of jealousness and greed – they lift backpacking into their real world of we-travel-empty-handed, which is more commitment to freedom than writing about on your fancy blog, eat-and-stay-for-free digital nomading… and jealousness and greed – because we pay the price and they fucking don’t and I don’t wanna pay for their trip down the road of individualism – the escapism you sow, and white trash on the street we have back home, I told them to find work and now they sit in front of my bungalow, shit in front of my well deserved holiday I worked so hard for… who gives a shit, seriously. Doesn’t have man other problems than a couple of bums in dirty thumbs or is it just another rage of capitalism – always punks.Still feel odd about white people begging in Asia… but now removing the concept of borders, I don’t give a shit.