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What is wrong with you
You missed place
Buried with all your missed dreams
Of a better you
Of a different you
More pleasure
More happiness
More harmony
More of everything 
And nothing of what makes you today
Except this
Or that
And this also
Especially that you shouldn’t miss
Start all over again
But this time you make it right
More righteous 
Where you turned left you go straight 
Where you went straight you stop 
And think
But don’t think like yesterday
Do think tomorrow
But don’t worry
Stay present
Have faith
Forget about everything
Or don’t 
Remember the good and the ugly
The colors and the emptiness
The blood and the rainbows
Be the rainbow
Be good
And change what has to be changed
Be not arrogant
Be not egoistic 
Be humble
Don’t kill
Don’t exploit
Don’t hurt
Don’t dissipate 
Don’t be human
Or too manlike
Love yourself
Love being
Love beings
Love the universe
But love different
Love more truthfully
Love without limitations
Love not to be loved
But love
Love only
In Japan some believe of you clean up every morning your toilet you will become a beautiful person, inside and outside.
Keep that
Delete the rest of believes
Don’t believe 
Don’t reign
Don’t oppress
Remove all boundaries
Install freedom
Free all
Bring peace
Keep the ying
Fuck the yang
Be naked
Be porn
Breath with all your orifices 
Let all your hair grow
Be natural
Be moss
Be super
Be supernatural
Be not human
Don’t define
Let being be
Live with the flow
Fart against the wind
Spurt behind fences
Shit flowers in front of doors
Eat chicken made of tofu
Treat your cat like an animal
Treat animals like yourself
Don’t be an animal
Be consistent
Don’t work for money
Forget about money
Do all different
Delete all data
Don’t be curious 
Don’t be hungry
Don’t explore
Don’t discover
Don’t escape
And only that
Do not build
Or possess
No production
No solutions
No questions 
Just life and nature
You a part of
Embrace it and feel the universe in each of us.
All what is

You: Fuck you