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Cure exists only in truth.
And truth only in We not They.
Only in Us, in each choice we make.
We are our own masters and bloodcurling screams of the beaten.
We need to think loud and silence when we talk.
We need to realise without us nothing, no thing, would exist, created in blood.
The uncreation would be only – and never existed.

Nothing would understand what I am writing, what words are, what they mean and why we are better than them, and why they are different than us.
Why our existence is in each choice harm, why our staisfaction causes death, why we not only kill, we do install and pay with our lifetime people to kill for us, to protect us from us. This would be explained as civilisation.

We have known how to navigate without the sun, today our survival strategy is fear, to keep ourselves in place, to function and not to get in any trouble, not to disturb the peace at war, not to challenge the comfort zone, what we named life, as a concept of happiness and fulfilment, greed and hate. We are the masses, a unknow number of people claiming the right of a majority. We are the common health. We are nothing without us. We are a bleeding soldier, the tears of the mother and the blessing of a sadistic god. We will never be more than they if we not overcome us and be nothing.