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Sometimes I just wanna do things… to experience how it is to carry the memory, the afternath, the impact on my life as a summary of mental evolution and physical self esteem. How it feels to live with this. Experience. Deep throats of a whorehouse called society. To burry its judgement, categories, concepts. To learn from its failure. I want to feel how a blind man sees. The liberation of doing something intenionally and incredibly wrong. Which transforms wrong into right for a change. Life is so boring. Only a huge massacre. Of restrictions and departments administrating the restrictions for the sake of the people. Which has no value except the aquentance of power. Sometimes you need to do something against. Against yourself who is just another piece of function. The function to function. And even to function against eill be instrumentalised. And functionalised. Not to disturb the monsterous sleeping creation of men. Humanity. Humaneness. And we are its followers. We like. We share and we sell and buy, we consume and throw it up again and again and again. Sometimes you have to throw it up and just leave it there in mud. In its own excrements. Drowning it in the ashes of its victims. Of its success.