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The guardians of the law, the martial extension of the system. Sworn – what a hilarious sophomoric act – to protect the infested core, the industry, the capital, the manboard. They do what they are told. Like soldiers. Or a tamagotchi. They act in your interest. An interest you are not supposed to understand as this goes beyond the people’s needs, oppressed and misled orderly by media – institution of production of delusion and fear, founded, owned and kept in place by the capital. (…) Needs like peace – meaning not the peace you make money with. But peace is not possible until all non-conform humans are erased from this terrestrial surface – better view on the bigger picture. (…) The guardians have to follow orders. They don’t want to loose their job. Like a machine, a robot. Or a brainless, heartless human. And they excuse their action with statistics and facts, which is closer to a fairy tale, like the bible or the code of law. (…) I don’t think the solution is to kill. But you ignorant *** out there, what you expect, we are the majority and you started all this, don’t complain if it turns back on you now.
Never trust.
Seek and defend!