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Being a drug addict in Asia. Asking on facebook THE group for expats living in one of the residential melting white hells of asia, how to deal with authorities, in particular the sheer despotism of the police. People asking who would ordinarily pee in their pants before they dare to question the executive. And the administration [not like at home] is corrupt here anyway, so why shall we [white people – from countries in best order] obey the police order to open our bags, without any warrant? On the street, in public, in the crippled brain of a tourist´s wasted nightlife. Why? And is it legal? Never thought I will say this, but, you are fucking dumbheads. It is not some sort of a Potemkin village build for you and your mechanical need of fucking yourself and being fucked. It is not some sort of anarchic zone. Drugs are illegal here. The government works like everywhere else. If you wat to stand up against, please, don´t do it with your vote of legalising weed, drugs or your stupidity, not to be confused with disobedience. Sure you can tell them fuck off, but then have the balls to take the consequences and not moan about after on facebook. In other countries and probably in your home country you get a clout round the ear. Haha. That makes me laugh. Walking on the plank literally, boiling twatted, surrounded by underpaid police who are just waiting for a bad move, with weed in their pockets, on both sides for obviously different purposes. “But I am a tourist, I bring money to your country, I just wanna have some fun, I am teaching kids during the day, I was yesterday at a school and hugged one of your children for a picture I will post on facebook so everybody can see Cambodia needs help, I love Cambodia, I am so sorry I don´t even know why maybe because I think I am just better than you and my origin protects me, makes me untouchable so don´t you do me any harm. – Can I buy myself out let´s say 50?” Is this your thing to talk about travelling, working, being a guest in a foreign country, how to make yourself invisible facing the eye of law to act disrespectful as you can´t do it at home, because you are a irresponsible coward living for this expectation of the world has to serve you happiness? Get over it, consumption is neglecting maturity.