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One of these cambodian moments. I was doing my gymnastics, not like every morning, but always when I can motivate myself and these days more as I am back to sober again, not that this sober thing happens on purpose, just because I am working my sweaty beans off these days, suppose it´s all about addiction swapping, right. So I was doing my gymnastics when our housekeeper came in and produced this wonderful voweling sound of surprise, which in english you might translate with “Jesus!” or “White skinny man half naked on the ground doing weird things!” I burst into laughter.
Cambodia is getting crazy again these days. The days before the next election have begun. A teenager was sentenced to 18 months in jail for posting on facebook “colorful revolution”, nothing less. Same day the government shut down a program of USAID, focusing on illuminating people in particular on the remote countryside about cambodian law, their rights, especially when it comes to landgrab. The statement was, the NGO hasn´t done the paper work correctly, register where they basically don´t have to.
One of these periods of time in Cambodia.