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Cambodia, Siem Reap, I stay for two years more!
Signed the contract.
My lovely landloards rejected me to pay deposit. Usually it´s 2 months for a year. I didn´t had the cash to extend the contract for two years so I´d asked them if they can give me credit for a while and I pay the second year later. But they pleased me not to pay deposit. My brother Seyha, who is also a true friend, was helping with the translation. So he asked if my suggestion is an option. I was waiting for the translation, watched the couple smiling, laughing, didn´t know what to expect. “Stupid white man with not enough money” – “Brother, they said, they don´t want you to pay deposit, because otherwise they might, I mean, they will spend the money for other things and can not pay you back.” “I am ok with that.” We were all laughing for a moment. A moment of trust and it felt a bit like we played a trick on capitalism.
I love this people.