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I am getting slowly emotional about leaving my family and friends.
I mean, I am so happy to come back, to my lady. And Samnang. And the house, Siem Reap and leave this misanthropic state of home, which was never my home. Which makes me sick. I am so excited to return to my home, to an home I fought for and I will fight for every day, because it makes me feel me, when I am with me there.
But leaving my parents, my sister, my nieces and my friends, which are not less family, sucks. And I have the best family you can have. They care. I can count on them. They will never leave me and I never want them to leave me, my heart, my past, my life. They are smart, open minded, loving and so different from each other. But they all have something in common, I truly love them. But I have to leave them. And not that it does make me sad, but it makes me realise how good they are and what a lucky person I am.