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I am not only with you Paris, because the world is fucked up global and so is its suffering. And I don’t support and follow a system just because it seems to be the popular and the easy solution to confront fear and anger.
I am with you world, because black days are marching up and this scares me much more.

The inconvenient truth is, I am actually not at all with you as I am not with all the other victims, caused by capitalism, fundamentalism and radicalism every day. – How can we basically live our hypocritical lives? We, who show empathy and solidarity – by changing profile pictures in colors of historical blood, to satisfy our believes in values, which created this world, this suffering, this mendacity.

Answering with prayers and nationalism puts only more matches among fire accelerants. – And this is just the next beginning. If the men don´t stop believing the gods and creators of disaster, nothing will change, it only gets worst and worst until nothing will be left and this human thing will be only a universal souvenir.