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Why is there so much injustice on your planet?
Because humans are different, I guess.
So you kill and destroy to claim selfhood?
Humans want to be different.
What does it mean, to be different?
To feel special, I guess.
Why be special?
Not to be forgotten, not only to be.
And for this you kill?
Looks like.
So killing makes you important?
Humans kill for many things – and yes, finally to feel important.
That doesn´t make sense.
Why it has to make sense?
You said, people on your planet want to be different to feel important. But for us, you all are not different from each other, you are humans.
I am not different to you?
Because you are the same idiot like your species mates. You only talk to me, because I am different, this makes you different.
But there is nobody here.
Doesn´t matter.
So I should have ignored you?
Why not?
It´s ignorant?!
No, it´s altruistic.