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Back to Phnom Penh, back from one of the remotest areas I have been so far – recapitulation in progress, the peoples main focus on me again, wherever I go, construction workers, tuk tuk drivers, attendants of parking lots, concierges, passing students on their way to blinding – education centers, and other dropping jaws, asking for pictures with me or just taking one as I will take one of them. The universe is watching me. Maybe I have changed after an intense and deeply moving experience, maybe I am different. Obviously I am, shot down by your cute and tainted eyeballs on each corner and the edges between. I do experience this commercial created fancy racism how many times. Back in the jungle, the tribe member´s brains I poked with my white appearance, not that I was the first one, but the first of my kind, will be followed by many of one another kind. All the smiles I received, without the first seconds of browsing for a box they can put me in. There were no boxes. I always remember this striking metaphor of Columbus, once his ships had been emerged at the horizon and hit the eyes of the indigenous people. They did see nothing as they had no box, no category where to put this thing in, which invaded their life, their culture and history incorrigibly. Or when my friend and I spotted an UFO in our backyard, it didn´t take us much efforts to forget about, to be exact, not a second as I am a rationalist and can´t stand too long the proof of belief and fraction of truth. Science is basically born as a hypothesis. The people of this tribe don´t believe, they might not even be aware of they don´t. They are poor, forsaken and disowned as they are the last keepers of the forest. But they have everything and they don´t feel the need of anything else. There is no uproar, but humble curiosity. There is no judgement, but carefulness. As they know by whom they are embraced every day, as other people believe, what they have makes them happy, by demolishing and trading with it as it were theirs, ours – and someday it will be. I was thinking of giving one of our nasty motorbike drivers my cap, as a gift, for letting me survive. “It´s a cool cap. Why not. He might appreciate. It´s cool. It´s a good one. Not what they wear here. He would be the only one, who – it´s cool. No? No, it isn´t.” And this is how it starts, how everything started before it has already landed. With all it´s ego and greed and needs for more to keep the vicious wheel turning. Manipulation has begun, for sure before, I am not that narcissistic to put on me the cultural removal, which is an absolute result of political irresponsibility and just a matter of time, but I was again struggling with humanity though and facing my responsibility, as I scattered first seeds, in fact by my invasion, designing a new category, a new box, a new trap.