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I am struggling since days how german I feel. Do I feel responsibility to comment, to put my anger, my disgust in words, to cry out loud how embarrassed I feel to be german and how I don´t give a shit being a german citizen, by law, by german law, by being born in borders, pushing me to line, my culture, my value system, my point of view, my immunization against being what I was born to be, human. It´s just words. Human. Love. Sympathy. Empathy. But happiness, health and strength are needs. Manufactured. Producing desires, lust and greed. Preservation. Protect your needs, your goods and chattels. And shame on you you loose. Lost lordly dignity! Rise in awareness for yourself, your country and your patriotism. Germany. You beaten homeland of thinkers, artists and lunatics, of undustrialised murder and denial of the Enlightment. You become what you deserve. With all your publicity enduring not anymore the dickheads, lurking in the dark unwanted shadows of the past future, your fellows of a nation, harming the reputation, demolishing everything we worked for, constantly, without excuses and with an iron self-reflection. It´s time, again, to raise your voices! You, the majority of the capital, to meet the death calmly as our welcome friends do, who traveled on bloody roads, escaped horror and war to find shelter, under our chromatic roof. let´s be proud of our cosmopolitanism and let´s point on these, who are too stupid to understand. In this globalised world, there is no space anymore for social waste like you. You are just too stupid. We don´t want you, we don´t need you and we hate you. We don´t care why all this happens. It´s time that we, the intelligence, the citizen of the world, the tolerance in persona, the good, the understanding, the caring, the sanity close ranks and protect the crime and guilt we had been convicted. If not for us, then for humanity! We all have our own sorrows and burdens, but it´s enough now! Let´s get this fixed once and for all, so we shall return to our routine, to our repression and servility. – Everyone got something to say suddenly. Everyone has to say soemthing, if not, you are suspicious of not being human. Because this is the historical frontline. Never Germany again. But we don´t welcome the racist in us. We don´t speak the truth, we just repeat the moral hypocrisy. We don´t accept the fact we are not humans as the poor, the beaten, the tortured, the helpless, the exile are not humans. We are a gap of mendacity. Dreaming of a world of humanity. If we dare to look closer, we only will recognize self-destruction of nature. Our nature. And our nature is not to deny for our own end. And if so, we should all have the courage to commit suicide then disappointing this planet, the creation of nature, and shed blood. But we are egoism, purified egoism, a capitalistic extract of industralisation and psychological abyss. And we don´t have the beans to say NO, No to ourselves. Instead we create and recreate the misery, the immaturity and death by fighting against. As long as there are us, there will always be barbarity, racism and injustice. Let´s start to fight us and not these!
I am struggling since days not anymore. I feel not german. I don´t feel responsible what happens there, in one nation of over 195, being approved by each other, one lunatic tells the other everything is ok with you, let´s jsut be friends. I feel more human by feeling disgusted than being loved or feel love. I can´t tell what is right and what is wrong, but I do, every day, in one or the other way. I consider this as the preservation of racism, by intalling a method of elimination. I am a racist and human. I am human and I don´t want to be a racist.