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One of my worst business days yesterday. Manufactured, framed by and deep throated with hate on german rule of law. I have to deal with a enforcement order, because of a greed driven and fucked lawyer office in Berlin – I I would love to shit on his desk, which doesn´t do it´s job proper, no, at all. I did a 5 min research and it was so fucking obvious that I am not the guy, for whom they are looking for. But why not imagine they did it as well and they just didn´t fucking care, because now I have to proof I am not a fucking scammer who is on the run or a criminal, who accuses other people in the interest of money. Can´t wait to sign off in october, leave this country, for good.
But waking up on the next day, next to my love, I am so crazy about, who flips my heart upside down always and hopefully for the rest of my life with her, thank you Kayo for being with me, love bitten by Ragnar, cuddled by Somnang, going upstairs doing my morning excercise, greeting the lovely smile of our housekeeper, with her nephew on her arms, who is admittely still a bit scared of me, the height, the beard, anyway, meeting my neighbours, my landlords, who don´t speak english at all, but there is respect between us you couldn´t express with words, buying a sim card at one of the thousand phone shops here in Siem Reap, from one of the thousand welcoming open hearted men, joking with them around, riding around town on my motorbike, appreciating all the craziness, weirdness, and appreciating my life, being able to be here, as a guest, as who I am, a guest of life, respected and loved.
Fuck Germany.