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Meanwhile in Cambodia… I don´t know what makes me more sick, angry, outrageous, disgusted by being human – back to misanthropia… hunted down trophies in Africa, with posing mostly americans with their boots on a murdered nature being, for their golden shot, their ego, jerking off full of pride on an unmistakable prooved highly evolved stupidity… a food contest promotion of a pizza restaurant in Siem Reap, where not even 5 km out of the center people die of hunger, for charity PR, First, FIRST!!! Annual Chicken Wing Eating Contest, choke on your wings, self-discrediting justification by fun-craving residents, uncritical, non-deliberating brain-blown uselessness… passing pubs, loaded with teachers leting of steam, half naked, pissed like only egomanics can embarrass me for being one of them, a resident, a foreigner, white, a colonialist – justifying their disrespectful behaviour by their sacrifice for Cambodia, fighting poverty, teaching kids of rich cambodians, who don´t have to give a fuck anyway, improving knowledge, saving the country… basically only stiring up the racism of locals, for which I even can´t judge them, because they are right… out in the world, what we conquered as world, with its racism, fascism, greed, control, power, money, religion – or just the fact that I don´t want to be one of you, one of you humans.