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So in the States the Supreme court made same-sex marriage a right nationwide. – Posts on social media are sharing this amazing step towards… I got no fucking clue. I read, “Love always wins!” or even people turn into patriots suddenly, because the government did it, something, right. Love… never wins. But constant fighting against racism does. Why do people, demanding their right to express themselves in and against a homophobic society, need the government to ratify their commiting intimacy? Why do we need the government, a government we despise, their executive power particularly, to tell us we are doing, feeling, fighting for the right thing. Or do you really believe in the separation of powers, in the idea of a ruling institution, called politics, to feed the industry. Imagine, gays, who are caring more about their appearance, who are in average sort of wealthy, blessed with a good taste and not ashamed the enjoy jolly and cost-intensive, tells us the market research and recreates the prejudices and racism at the same time to install it as a category, as part of our boxes and judgement, these gay people, allowed to marry from now on, they gonna support ahuge sector of industry. Not that this is the reason, but I don´t feel the love still. And this might change here and there some issues, but tomorrow the same racism you will face at work, on the street, on your way back home, at the mall, because your bullies are still there out there and they not going to accept you as human, showing off your affinity in public. You are still disgusting and wrong. And maybe more than before, because now you are the same like them, you think. And this is their nightmare. Equality starts in your mind, not in your stupid invented crazy loving heart. “Love always wins”, how sickly sweet is that, after such a success, depoliticising and fooling the rocky conflict. And your country is not changing now even not slowly to a unicorn orgy of a paradise. It just recosnidered its options. The roots of racism are much deeper than a kiss in public or two rings or in which hole you bury your sexual appetite and genetic insanity. It´s a set-up, here and there some flowers, a bit of gloss and candle light romance, decorated and comprised by a value system, manufacturing racism and scorn on purpose to strengthen its booth and backing its untouchableness, and here you are, enjoy and shut the fuck up and stop digging deeper now!
In Tunisia 39 tourists were killed by the IS. The terrorist outrage designed headlines like “German tourists died in Tunisia”. – Yes, bring our tourists home! Every day our daily life kills beings, humans, animals, we are a threat to nature and so to our own species. Can´t we even be left alone for two weeks a year from this cruel world we are living in? Blood splatters on glossy holiday catalogues. But that the catalogue is printed on paper, soaked in blood, greed and highly disrespectful cultural and historical responsibility and awareness. Seeing some tourists here, my trigger finger feels itchy.
Humans try since very old days to invent and maintain an idea of a balanced world, which is finally a war of systems, a religious war, a war of interests, power and angst-ridden self-doubt, to be nothing, now and forever. But we can´t accept, that there is more than just our set of mind, our manipulated screwed and in fact inoperable maturity. That we, us, whoever that is, is not the liberation, not the final and mandatory solution for a peaceful and fair world. There will never be peace. Peace is a dream of war, without the idea of peace how you legitimate war, occupation and exploitation. How you legitimate securing your power. And racism is the breeding ground. Every idea has its monstrous piles of skeletons in the closet. What´s the difference of torturing in public or hidden? The difference between a frenetic suicide bomber or a god-possessed holy morons killing systematically and institutionalised. – We need the difference, our last resort of nationalism, called patriotism. Everyone knows about, but we accept for the sake of peace, our own personal peace. Our small emotion-screwed ethical island, where we just wanna be… be served, be special, be bronzy, be happy, be drunken, be somewhere else, out of routine, out of our understanding.
Holiday in wonderland.